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Jacques Lecomte

Jacques Lecomte, 5th Dan Aikido. I was  the  student of legislator of Aikido in France 8 Dana - Tamura.


My affection for the martial arts started with judo, karate and kickboxing. In 1991, I discovered the world of Aikido and currently am a qualified coach. Acquainted with Russian Martial Art System in 2008, and participated in seminars Alex Kostic, Emmanuel Manolakakis Andreas Veytzel and a considerable Number of seminars with Vladimir Vasiliev, Mikhail Ryabko, Valentin Talanov.

Since 2010, I started to study SYSTEMA RMA  with Alexander Maksimtsov. Since then 

I organized  3 seminars  with Alexander Maksimtsov in Nimes in southern France. Also I  participated 3 seminars  in Yalta, Crimea  Ukraine, conducted by Alexander Maksimtsov. I passed three levels of Russian Martial Art  in the Federation of Russian Martial Art of Ukraine.


I created the  site for  development of Russian martial art in France:


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